The message on the answering machine said there was an injured kitten behind the convenience store. We called back and were told a small kitten had an injured leg but they couldn’t catch it. Two volunteers went out that evening to help. They spotted the  8 – 10 week old kitten and managed to catch it. Her leg had an open wound and she wasn’t using it. We put Neosporin on the wound and put her in a cage to limit her movement.

The next day the vet concluded she had been bitten by a dog. He prescribed and oral antibiotic along with the Neosporin. X-rays showed extensive bone damage. Time would tell what would happen to the leg. Twinkles, as she was now named, needed to be socialized. She was held often and was fast becoming a playful and socialized kitten.

The wound closed up nicely and we started bringing Twinkles to adoption events. This allowed her to be handled by more of the volunteers to get her used to multiple people. A very nice older couple fell in love with her and wanted to adopt her. We decided to allow them to take her as ‘foster parents’ and we would continue her medical treatment.

Later x-rays showed the bones knitting, however there were many bone fragments that would continue to cause pain whenever she tried to use the leg. Dr. Sumerlin, of The Cat Hospital of Orlando, advised amputating the leg when she was a little bigger. When the time came, Dr. Sumerlin performed the amputation and spayed her at the same time.

Twinkles is doing fine now. Total cost of all treatments and tests: $500. Adoption fee: $80. The other $420 is made up by donations from people like YOU!.