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[important]Below are some emails we have received from the animals and new pet parents we have brought together.  Have you adopoted a pet from R.A.I.N.?  We’d love to hear from you!  Click Here[/important]

From Jack’s new parents. (lab mix puppy)

Hey Lindsay, I bet that your dying to hear about Jack. Well he was a little afraid of the Jeep ride, but he warmed up to it half way home. He was a little afraid to get out of the jeep, but as soon as Katie and I got out he hopped out on his own. Then we took him in the back yard and he just really came to life. Started running around (probably cause he got a chance to use the bathroom) with his tongue out. Anyway he walked all around the house checking the place out and he has already picked out a spot in the living room where he has taken a few little naps. I’ve taken him outside several times just a few minutes at a time (it will definitely take some time before he can go on long walks, we only got around the house before he laid down). He is tired, but he is doing great (you were right about the food and water, he’s like a black hole (the cup of food I gave him went down in three licks). Well I guess I’ll let you go now, but I just wanted you to know that he is doing good, a little shy at times, but good. Feel free to email or call us anytime to find out how he’s doing. Thanks for all your advice.

Take Care,

Oh by the way my sister came by with my nephew (5) and niece (1) and Jack jumped up like he saw his sister. He was wagging his tail the entire time the kids were here, very good to see.


From Walker (Blue Exotic Shorthair cat)

Dear Joe,

Sure was glad to get out of that “barky” pet store. Slept in my litter pan the whole way back to Ft. Lauderdale (it was surprisingly comfy, you should try it) and moved into my new digs.  I have my own answering machine which I immediately fast-forwarded taking my new Mommy completely by surprise.  She was last heard mumbling about lost calls, whatever they are.  I think I keep hearing hissing noises from the other side of the closed door.  Must be mistaken though, can’t imagine anyone hissing at cute little me. Have also started a new embroidery project on my sofa.  Mom is not completely sold on my technique yet, but am sure she will come around. I also have a new name.  I am now “Mickey”.  If I grow big enough, I get to be “Mick”. Either is okay by me, as long as I keep getting all the hugs and toys that have begun coming my way.  Hope you found good moms for all the other guys, even if they weren’t as cute as me. 

Let you know how Mom’s training is coming,
Mickey DeWald

From Monty’s new family (black and white Tuxedo shorthair cat)

Mr. Mont (as we call him since he’s such a gentleman) is such a love muffin (this is what I call him being his Mom).  He seems to be feeling much more comfortable now in his new home.  He’s starting to greet us sometimes at the door and sleeps on our pillows on our bed.

We have a nightly ritual where I pull  his brush out of the drawer.  I call him for his brushing
and he jumps up on the couch where he sits on my lap.  He seems to like having his belly brushed
which I found surprising.  He gets lots of kisses from all of us and at times, gives them back.

I truly can’t thank you enough for letting us take Monty to our home.  He is such a joy.  The
first thing we all do when we get home at night is look for the ‘baby’ as he is referred to.
After all, aren’t all cats ‘babies’ as they need a human to take care of them.  We are lucky and
blessed to have Monty with us.

From Demi’s new family

Hi Sue, wanted to give you an update on Demi. She was great on the way home, anxiously waiting to meet her new brothers and sisters. She has made a special place for herself in our family. Taz, Emerson, AJ, Zoe, Zeke, Melissa , Tori, Tess, and Emily are all adjusting quite well to the new addition. Demi is the sweetest little girl whom we love very much. We will keep you updated on her progress.

Wendy and Cheryl

From Legend’s (now Snowball) new family

I am Patty Neville, I adopted Legend from you on Saturday June 5th.  I know you were very worried about him, and wondering if I was able to take care of him.  Well, I am happy to say he is doing GREAT!.  He has found his best friend is my 15 year old son Alan, and he actually crawled up and laid on his chest for 3 hours today.  He is so sweet, and I’ve been washing his face 2 times a day as instructed, and giving him the best of care.  He really likes it here..  Here is a photo for you all to enjoy. Call me if you have any concerns, and feel free to stop by if you want to visit with him. Patricia Neville

Legend’s background: He came from a breeder because he wouldn’t breed. He is an Extreme Persian so his eyes tear quite a bit and he sneezes because his nose is very small. He also had ringworm. It took almost four months to clear him of the ringworm. In the meantime he had an ear infection and couldn’t stand properly for about four days. He is such a sweet cat RAIN wanted to do everything we could to save him. He was five years old when he came to RAIN.


Curly, now Milo:
I wasn’t planning on having another cat or dog for awhile; I already had 3 dogs and a cat. My 4th dog had gone to doggy heaven in September after battling cancer. But there I was, in the Lake Mary PETsMART on a December day. I didn’t even need to buy anything there, but somehow I went to the store. In the front area there were some cages of kittens. I held a few kittens. The last kitten I held for 30 minutes. His name was Curly. He was with his brothers (Moe, Larry, and DotCom). I talked with people while Curly cuddled in my arms and around my neck. Someone thought that I had my hair hanging over in front of me until the kitten moved; that was his tail, not my hair. She hadn’t seen that the orange and white kitten was sleeping on my shoulders. His mostly orange tail blended well with my red hair. I thought I had no reason to go to PETsMART that day, but now I know it was meant to be. His name is Milo now and he’s another member of our happy, furry family. 🙂 Milo and my other 4 fur kids are doing well. Milo still cuddles with me every day; though he is too big now for my shoulders. Thank you for being at PETsMART that day.
— Kelly

Squash, now Snickers: 

Dear Rescuing Animals in Need Volunteers:

I just wanted to update you on Snickers (used to be Squash) that we adopted from you at PETsMART.  He is doing wonderfully and we love him very much.  He gets along with our dog and our older cat too.  Thank you so much for giving us a healthy kitten to love for many years to come.  Please tell Dawn his foster parent that he says hello!
Cathy & Caitlin