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Duncan’s Story


Hi, I’m Duncan. I was born in someone’s house and spent the first 6 weeks of my life there with my mommy.

I don’t know why, but they took me out one day and dropped me by the side of the road, where a nice lady found me.

She brought me to the great people of Rescuing Animals In Need at an adoption event.

Lucky for me they had room in one of their foster homes!

I went home with Joe and here is what happened:

Day 1:  They checked for fleas and ear mites and surprisingly found me free of both. So Joe guessed I was probably born in someone’s house and dumped shortly before being found. Many kittens have Coccidia, an intestinal parasite that can cause diarrhea and possible death by dehydrating the kitten. To combat this they started me on Albon, which I got for 21 days. Oh-no, I have to be isolated to make sure I don’t have anything, like a cold, that isn’t showing up yet. I hate to be in the cage and cry a lot. When Joe comes in to check on me and give me food and water I purr as loud as I can to show him I like to be picked up. I still wanted KMR (milk replacement) to go with wet food.

Day 5:  I get my first de-worming. After five days on Albon, if the de-worming triggers diarrhea it won’t be as severe. I’m not old enough for my FIV/FeLV test (do I have to study?), I must be at least 8 weeks old.

Day 14:  YEAH, I passed my FIV/FeLV. Joe didn’t say they would take blood. Ouch!. I also get my first vaccination.

Day 17:  Freedom!!! Isolation is over so I can get out of the cage. It’s chow time with the BIG boys and girls.  I had to wait 3 days after the shot in case it made me sick.

Waiting: . Joe says I’m still not big enough to be neutered (whatever that is). That’s OK. I’m having fun being a kitten. That means exploring the house, playing with toys (didn’t you know, everything is a cat toy), playing with the other cats and just hanging out.

Week 10:  Joe says I can be neutered now. I still don’t know what that is. I hope it’s fun – NO It wasn’t.

I found a FAMILY of my own: Joe took me to adoption events on Saturdays so I could charm someone into making me part of their family. I found a wonderful family with another cat to play with.

Please remember, I want to be part of your family FOREVER. I’m not a toy to be discarded when you tire of me. I will give you lots of love and companionship for many years. I can easily live to be 18 years old.

[important]Duncan’s story is typical of the kittens that come to us. Some come with littermates. Some covered with fleas and dirt. They are carried in cardboard boxes, blankets, clothes hampers and once in a while a pet carrier. But no matter how they come to us, they all need love and a ‘forever home’.[/important]