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Plants that are SAFE for cats

[important]The following plants are considered SAFE for cats:[/important]   Achira Achyranthes verschaffelti Acorn squash African violet Algaroba Aluminum plant Alumroot American rubber plant Anthericum comosum Antirrhinum multiflorum Apple Leaf Croton Arabian gentian Aregelia Artillery plant Aspidium falcatum Aubepine Autumn oliveBaby tears Baby rubber tree plant Bachelors buttons Ball fern Bamboo palm Bamboo vine Bamboo Banana …

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Plants that are poisonous to cats

[warning] The following plants are harmful to cats:[/warning]   Alfalfa Almond (Pits of) Aloe Vera Alocasia Amaryllis Apple (seeds) Apple Leaf Croton Apricot (Pits of) Arrowgrass Asparagus Fern Autumn Crocus Avacado (fuit and pit) AzaleaBaby’s Breath Baneberry Bayonet Beargrass Beech Belladonna Bird of Paradise Bittersweet Black-eyed Susan Black Locust Bleeding Heart Bloodroot Bluebonnet Box Boxwood Branching …

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