Daisy was found at Orange County Animal Control laying in a cage, tail thumping madly when anyone approached her. Our hearts would not let us turn away so we adopted her. Her visit to the veterinarians found she had a broken leg, not spayed and was infected with heartworms and her eyes had ulcerated. The leg was set and pinned but the veterinarians did not want to spay her till later.

During recovery the next day the veterinarians noticed her labored breathing and took more x-rays. They discovered she also had a ruptured diaphragm. Her liver and intestines were in her lung cavity. The veterinarians suggested euthanasia because of the damage and the cost to repair it. We elected to give her a chance and she was rushed into surgery again. She came close to dying on the table and even though they were into the abdominal cavity they did not have the time to spay her because of her deteriorating condition. We were told she had less that a 50/50 chance and the next few days would be touch and go for her. To everyone surprise, mostly the veterinarian and their staff she sat up the next day, she still would not eat so she was forced fed for two days, but her tail still beat the cage when someone approached her. With the type of injuries the veterinarian guess she was hit by a car.

Daisy went to a foster home. The veterinarians expected her to fully recover. She walked on her broken leg. She played with the cats and dogs,. She had to be crated from time to time because she tired easily but still continued to play. She is a real lover and loves to sleep with you.

Her medical costs were about $1,150. Her adoption fee was $150. The difference was made up by donations from people like you. Donate to RAIN today

Daisy is now adopted , spending her summers in the mountains of North Carolina and her winters in Florida. After going through all this, she is a very loving and sweet dog. She loves her new family, Mom, Dad and 9 year old two legged sister, Julie.

Daisy’s surgery was done by Sanlando Springs Animal Hospital, Longwood, FL. 407.862.0308